Meet and Greet with Dr. Bharat Vatwani

Friday, Apr 26, 2024
Bharat Vatwani

Our second Forum meet and greet was also held at the India Community Center (ICC) on April 26, 2024. It featured the very well-known Psychiatrist Dr. Bharat Vatwani who was honored at ICA's Golden Jubilee Celebration. More than thirty people attended the event.

Dr. Vatwani was recognized for his tireless work in rehabilitating and reuniting mentally ill destitute with their families in India for which he was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay Award winner (2018).

Dr. Vatwani's dedication began in 1988 when he encountered a destitute on the street. This encounter inspired him to start treating roadside destitute for free at his clinic. In 1988, he established the Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation along with his wife Dr Smitha Vatwani. Inspired by the legendary social worker Baba Amte, Shraddha set up a huge Rehabilitation Center in 2006 on a 6.5-acre plot of land in Karjat, on the outskirts of Mumbai. The foundation rehabilitates the mentally ill and destitute wandering on the streets in India. The foundation has rehabilitated and reunited over 10,000 mentally ill patients with their families since its inception. He said we need to recognize we all are fallible and emotional beings.

Praised for his compassion and dedication to restoring human dignity, Dr. Vatwani's story serves as an inspiration for all.