ICA Youth “LEAD” Program

Costs – Financial Details for the Youth “LEAD” Program

The components of the cost of the program:

  1. International travel
  2. Local transportation is "Sponsored"
  3. Tourist activities
  4. Boarding & Lodging is "Sponsored"
  5. Medical and Travel insurance
  6. Phone/Connectivity
  7. Visas and vaccinations
  8. Other miscellaneous costs – short travel/trips, meals, one-off nights in cities
  9. Optional expenses towards donating to the NGO like Kindles or Notebooks
  10. Personal shopping
  11. Items to take from US to give away in India – Maybe school Supplies or other items (Random Acts of Kindness)

The estimated cost for the trip ranges from $2k to $3k for airfare and other miscellaneous expenses. Boarding, lodging, meals, and local transportation in Kashmir are all generously covered by the ICA sponsorship. SEE SAMPLE COSTS HERE.

All arrangements will be made by the ICA Youth Program coordinators. International tickets and plans post-program can be discussed.

Funding and how to raise funds:

The participants are expected/encouraged to raise the funds for the program.

Please request sponsors (family and friends) to go to the page, and under DONATE, follow prompts to donate to the ICA Youth Program. Please follow the guidelines for fundraising. ICA may organize a fund-raising drive from time to time to raise funds for the ICA Youth Program specifically. But, the primary responsibility for fundraising is with the participant.

If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact us to discuss your specific case.