ICA Youth “LEAD” Program

ICA Youth "Lead" Program

You can get all the information you need, to apply for this program, here. Please visit often for all updates on the program.

The basics:

  • The age range is 16-22yrs old.
  • Be comfortable interacting with people in communities with varying economic and other capabilities.
  • No prior experience needed, just an open and enthusiastic attitude!
  • Able to participate in a student only program and environment.
  • Good academic standing with a team spirit.
  • Ability to raise funds from family and friends as needed.
  • Be able to attend all orientation, review and evaluation meetings.

The timelines: (subject to modification as needed)

Please note: These Timelines will be looked at and any adjustments made as needed with regard to COVID, for our program in 2021

  1. September and October - Informational sessions REGISTER HERE or via the form in the ABOUT page
  2. Jan 1st -7th – Orientation meeting
  3. January 30th – Deadline to submit applications
  4. Feb 27th – Decision disclosed to applicants
  5. March 30th – Commit with 50% deposit refundable upto 20th of April (only donations from parents and Students are refundable)
  6. April 20th - Full and final payment due
  7. April 20th– 30th April – Confirm airline tickets and all details
  8. May - Confirm all domestic plans (by NGO)
  9. June – Have meetings to close all loose ends
  10. July 1st week DEPART -- July 3rd week RETURN!!!

Our applicants need to have both parents also sign the forms. Be sure to look through all the forms and answer completely. Contact us with any questions. The forms you will need to fill are:

  1. The basic application form for the student and the parent to fill out
  2. The Liability waiver form
  3. The Health form and The Insurance form

Basic Application Form

Fill out the form below

Click below to fill basic and parent details.

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Liability Waiver Form

Fill out the form below

Click below to fill Liability waiver form

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Health and Insurance Form

Fill out the form below

Click below to fill Health and Insurance form

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